Standard Embroidery

When you need a company, non profit, or organization logo to be embroidered, let us digitize it for you. With our decades of experience on the benefits and limitations of embroidery, we can make any logo you have look great at a reasonable price.

Send us your image for immediate consultation on the best way to make your custom ethical product look excellent while saving cost on the number of stitches.

When should you pick this option?

  • Your logo design can be simplified
  • You have time to approve artwork changes
  • You want embroidery at a good price
  • You need a union shop to embroider
  • You are looking for great quality

Embroidery Library:

Take a look at some of the professional designs others have used. To get an idea of standard vs. special embroidery, notice the lower stitch count numbers for simpler designs. Visit the Unionwear Union Embroidery Library:

EthixPromo Embroidery - Creative Font