Specialty Embroidery:

If your group needs exact logo duplication with all details captured, then we can ensure the very best quality embroidery. Union made pro-style hats, leather briefcases, and golf polos can all provide equally great quality canvases for your design.

Please note that all our embroidery is made by professional unionized craftspeople. While showing a union bug with embroidery isn’t advised, we can guarantee sweatshop-free embellishments.

  • Your design has detail you need to capture
  • You need the best quality embroidery
  • You want help spending a larger budget
  • You need union made embroidery
  • You are looking for a unique design

Union Embroidery Library:

Take a look at some of the professional designs others have used. To get an idea of standard vs. special embroidery, notice the higher stitch count numbers for more complex designs. Visit the Unionwear Union Embroidery Library:

EthixPromo Embroidery - Custom Logo Artwork