Eco-Friendly-Stamps-225x225Ethix supports innovations that prioritize environmental sustainability and real solutions for climate chaos.

The Sweatfree movement recognizes the need to protect workers from dangers posed by unsafe conditions such as pesticides, insecticides, and machinery malfunctions. Further, we must do all we can to address global warming, (or more descriptively, “climate chaos”), in recognition of the havoc it is already reeking on the planet’s most vulnerable communities.

Solutions Ethix supports include organic and recycled products. With cotton and bamboo, organic agriculture draws more CO2 from the atmosphere in carbon sinks, while protecting local water supplies from pollution and protecting workers from carcinogens. Other Ethix suppliers offer 100% recycled products, which help to decrease our overall energy consumption.

These options are encouraging, but the ultimate in conservation will only happen if we all consume much less. Yes, we are a company asking you to question whether you really need to buy so much- we will not “green-wash” what we do. Of course, the great advantage of custom merch is how it is the one advertising source not owned by a major corporation. If your organization needs to get the word out about something, then we trust you will make the most ethical decision to do so with our support.



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