Union Made Maglites

Mini and standard custom Maglites can be printed with a union bug and make excellent gifts- from kids camps to union retirees celebrations.

If your organization will be outside having fun or working to keep our lights powered, consider USA made maglites.

Here are your flashlight style options:

  • Mag-Lite® Solitaire®
  • Mini Mag-Lite® Krypton
  • Mag-Lite® White Star®
  • Mag-Lite® flashlight and Multi-Tool Set
  • Colors include: black, silver, pink, purple, red, blue, midnight blue, grey, green, orange
  • Minimums as low as 12 units
  • NEW: LED options available:
    • ​Mini Mag-Lite® ST LED 2-Cell AA (keychain mini)
    • Mini Mag-Lite® ST LED 2-Cell AAA (sleek, compact)
    • Mag-Lite® ST Solitaire® LED 1-Cell AAA (larger option with 4 modes)

Please note the multitools in these boxes are NOT manufactured in the United States, but Ethix can help you with USA-Made multitools for your group! Just contact us.