Don't Throw Money Away on Trade Show Promotions!

FUTILE-too-cute-magnetic-puppy-kitty-promotional-giveawaysSure, trade shows are all about meeting new people in your field and taking away new information. But everybody knows trade show giveaways are a big part of the fun. Don't create one more dull trade show promotion that doesn't produce ROI! Turn to Ethix Merch, and get serious bang for your trade show giveaway buck. 

Send Customized Holiday Gifts that Outshine the Rest

click-for-FREE-Ethix-Merch-ethical-holiday-gift-guide-downloadIt's not to early too start preparing for the end of another great year! We have some really great ideas for custom corporate gifts, all ethically sourced and made in the USA.Send holiday gifts that help your brand and your mission shine, with any one of our ethically sourced and beautifully customized items.

Malala Day at the United Nations

Miss. Yousafzai, the Pakistani teenager shot by the Taliban on her way to school, came to the UN with hundreds of youth and education advocates to call for action on reaching the goal of all children, especially girls, to be in school and learning by 2015.

Promotional Products to Empower Students and Workers

Brand Your American Business with USA Made Products

When you first open a business, one very important piece of the marketing equation is branding. We can help you get your name out on the streets and into the minds of your prospective patrons! Get your custom branded, ethical merchandise and promote your brand while clearly stating your business's ethics, too.

Summer BBQ and Holiday Season Kickoff!

We love creating custom picnic gear for companies and organizations celebrating summer and the return of warmer weather. Whether you're celebrating with your staff, valuable volunteers, or families- our ethical merchandise will be hard at work while you play!Rest assured that your merchandise was made responsibly and sweatfree. Don't skip over this important detail during the planning stage for you upcoming retreat, staff barbecue, or family reunion. We're bound to have the perfect touches to fit your budget!

Customized Golf Event Gear Just Got Easy to Find!

You're not one to settle for being "par for the course." You want your tournament to be branded to a tee - literally! And we're here to make it happen -- with ease!

click-for-FREE-Ethix-Merch-golf-guide-downloadYou want locally made golf gear for your local golf event, right? And you'd love that golf gear to be Union Made. We make it easy to score a hole in one with your golf event promotional items. 

American Humane Association says Be Kind!

All of us in the Ethix offices have loved ones we share our homes and hearts with. Some of them are furry, cuddly, or even at times aloof (but who isn't?!). They are each an extension of our families. We join with the American Humane Association: we promote kindness to all living things! We aim to "Be Humane" in the work that we do every day - supporting workers by offering sweatfree apparel and keepsake promo products. We advocate for our clients to mind your purchasing power - it is strong!Some of our extended Ethix family members:ethix-loves-their-animal-friends-for-be-kind-to-animals-week-and-always-NAMES

Promote Your Earth Day Clean Up with High Quality Promotional Products

Worcester city officials gearing up for Earth Day with Regional Environmental Council board members.Earth Day in Worcester, MA -- rewarding volunteers with food and ethically sourced tees!The Canal District's small businesses came out to beautify their neighborhood. Crompton Collective at work.

Eco-friendly Event Purchasing

We are proud to work with some wonderful unions and organizations on a daily basis. When Earth Day rolls around, many of these groups order t-shirts for action days, clean-ups, and other great eco-projects. Two of our clients -- Regional Environmental Council (REC) of Central Massachusetts and IBEW Local 1245 in California - were kind enough to send photos of their events.

20130405-VERTICAL-repower-america-climate-reality-project-custom-branded-gearCreating Promotional Messages that "Stick"

How do you create a promotional product with a message that really resonates and has staying power? What makes a message memorable, like "Where's the Beef?" or "Got Milk?" We think our customer The Climate Reality Project got it right with these eco-friendly promotional T-shirts sporting their cheeky message "I'm Too Hot." But what makes it such a good message?