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Make sure the T-shirts, pens, mugs or whichever customized products your campus group needs support your group and your ethics!

This flipbook of collegiate group merch shares some of our favorite ideas for union made and all-around responsibly produced promotional products that are a hit on college campuses.

Our campus group product idea flipbook gives you:

  • The top 10 product ideas for affordable promotional items.
  • Examples of how other campus groups use our ethically-produced merchandise items.
  • Fresh ideas for awesome customizing options.
  • A super sweet BONUS on the last page of the flipbook!

Help foster a campus community that supports the best labor standards and cares about how your promotional products are made.

We look forward to helping you find the right item for your group – from this handy flipbook or another awesome idea from our website. We’ve got loads of ideas for you!

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